Automated solution for unit-dose packaging. The most modern equipment on the market for the unit-dose drug packaging with an integrated system for cutting blisters and feeding ampoules.

WHY BT-5060A2?

It is the most compact integrated unit-dose packaging system on the market, cutting blisters and packaging the tablets automatically, without the use of conveyors or additional accessories, and has an automatic ampoule feeding set that unitizes and encodes medications without the need to change accessories.


Blister Cutter with a software for blister setting, rotary drive heads for blisters with asymmetrical shapes, and a device for direct feeding to the unit-dose packaging system. Unit-dose packaging system with a medication presence sensor that controls the printing and sealing of items in production.

It comes with 2 ampoule discs and 2 blister discs

Improved safety
  • It does not use cutting knives to separate packages
  • The system is automatically disabled in case of potential interference of the medication or improper access to the sealing area by the operator;
  • Double activation button for the production of kits prevents accidents with the employee;
  • Empty package sensor;
  • Supports interface with any ERPs used in the hospital (MV, TASY, TOTVS, SAP etc.).

With unparalleled printing fixation on the packaging, the information is maintained during unit-dose packaging, and due to an exclusive system that easily opens the packaging on the side, the printing information is preserved.

  • Options for plain or banded packages available.
  • Exclusive amber packaging in sizes
  • The labels printed by the BT-50 and BT50A2 are set to print multiple pieces of information.
  • Different packaging measures.

This user-friendly software is preset with a database of more than 600 drugs. With access control functions, it also features the ability to identify different types of drugs, includes administration instructions, alerts, dangerous medication warnings, supports traceability, among other functions.



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