The Cook-Chill System (Ready-to-eat Meals) comprises a process of preparing and cooling food in order to extend its storage and, consequently, its delivery and consumption in a safe and nutritious manner. Meals are packaged by means of an elaborate process and are ready to serve in just a few minutes, thereby increasing the flexibility of food services. The technique involves the full cooking of the food, followed by rapid cooling, packaging and storage at controlled temperatures. When requested, the meal can be regenerated and served perfectly.

The CookChill system can be built with the inclusion of a mobile transfer rack (TransRack). The tray rack must float between the RTS CT and the TransRack. TransRack can be opened or closed with a protective tray cover (NaviRack). Therefore, the RTS CT provides exceptional flexibility to meet the most varied needs of the current market, towards the future in the food sector.

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