Anesthesia Workstation AX900 | Anesthesia AX900 

The AX-900 workstation features the traditional pneumatically actuated electronic control technology, with the precision and convenience of the advanced electronic monitoring and control of the classic gas control method.

In addition, the AX-900 has several quality control processes for the use of inhaled anesthetics, fresh gases and soda lime, which provides the medical team with more safety in the work process.

Why insist on the classic technology of electronic control of ascending bellows pneumatic actuation?

It provides a more compact circuit and a smaller loop cavity for a more precise ventilation.
Its simple structure makes disassembly and disinfection more convenient.
Manual ventilation is separated from mechanical ventilation to reduce the occurrence of incorrect operation.
It offers a more stable ventilation and clearer activation in SIMV and PSV mode.
No pre-inflation required, as the machine will vent upon start up, which is excellent for a quick rescue.
PEEP facilitates lung protection and rescuing maneuvers.

Innovation in pneumatically actuated electronic control technology
The AX-900 workstation can provide low tidal ventilation of 5 ml in PCV mode during pediatric anesthesia, and the maximum tidal volume can reach 1,500 ml, together with stable control of pressure.
The technological innovation (hardware and software) of dynamic fluid control for tidal volume compensation speeds up the system cleaning and the patient recovery.
The AX-900 provides 4 control ventilation modes, 3 SIMV modes and 2 pressure support ventilation modes, offering more effective ventilation modes for inducing anesthesia, maintenance, recovery and spontaneous breathing exercises.
Smart SIMV-PRVC mode: after the patient’s spontaneous breathing is stabilized, the PSV mode is automatically activated and performs the spontaneous breathing exercise.
During surgery, the equipment provides safer ventilation and non-uniform breathing, closer to normal breathing, ensuring adequate tidal volume. Through the combined application of SIMV + PS during the recovery stage, the recovery cycle can be greatly accelerated and patients can be freed from the machine as quickly as possible.

Advanced fresh gas control system:
Anesthesiologists define the oxygen concentration directly, and the system automatically adjusts the oxygen to balance gas ratio. In addition, the AX-900 has adopted the electronic gas source pressure gauge, which is more accurate than the traditional mechanical pressure gauge.

  • 8” and 15” TFT touch screens.
  • Tidal volume: 15ml – 1,500ml.
  • I:E: 4:1 – 1:12
  • Working temperature: 10 °C – 40 °C.
  • Power supply (Dual voltage): CA 110 –
  • 240 V / 50 – 60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 1,400mm x 800mm x 698mm
  • Workstation weight: 128 Kg.

Complete Solution - Operating Room
Comen provides the entire solution for your surgical center, including the AX-series workstations, the C-series patient monitoring systems and the S-series defibrillation monitor.




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