Exacta Mix

Designed with state-of-the-art technology for mixing parenteral nutrition, combining safety, accuracy and specialized software, this system is a leader in pharmacy innovation and efficiency. The right system means the right technology for your activities, and the Exacta Mix 2400 can be configured to suit the specific requirements of your workplace. It is easy to handle, and it combines accuracy, safety (closed system, reducing the risk of contamination), efficiency (mixing up to 24 different fluid sources in sequence, according to your choice) and flexibility (does not require an external computer or monitor and interacts with other information systems).

Technical Specifications
Main Module 61 x 25 x 25 cm – 20 Kg
Display Module 28 x 64 x 23 cm – 5 Kg
Weight Scale 33 x 20x 25 cm – 3 Kg
Pedal System 71 x 48 x 31 cm – 33 Kg
Water Flow Rate Up to 16.6mL per second
+/- 3% above 1 ml; 5% at 0.4 mL; +/- 10% at 0.2 mL, 0.2 mL
Maximum number of ingredients dispensed 24

Exacta Mix - Parenteral Nutrition



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