Hospital Pharmacy

The Sisnacmed the best way to make the Storage of Medicinal products and Dispensing of Medicinal products in a Pharmacy, Hospital, more convenient, faster and more efficient. Following the general trend of the world, the portfolio of the Sisnacmed included the automated systems are in place to unitarização of the dose to the different types of medications, whether it be a solid or a liquid by accelerating the process in a safe manner. The system unitarização reduces the amount of time that the pharmacist is dedicated to the organization, and supervision for this type of project, giving you the most time to focus on other activities in the primary. The reduction of the costs amounted to 67 per cent, on the average, after a year of deployment by enabling the use of the financial resources of the pharmacy, and investments in infrastructure.

Dispensing of Drugs in a Hospital Pharmacy | Dispensing Pharmacy, Hospital Storage of Medicines

Unit Dose

The Automation Of Logistics



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