Repeater Pump

Repeater Pump | Peristaltic Pump | Liquid Fractionation

The Repeater Pump is the first peristaltic pump exclusively developed for pharmacy application in the transfer of fluids, and its design allows for the accurate pumping of solutions. Useful for filling oral medication vials and application of pharmaceutical mixes such as reconstitution of medications, filling IV bags, syringes and infusion devices. The Repeater Pump has an exclusive volume accuracy system, ranging from 0.02 ml to 9.99 ml. The Repeater Pump operates with oral fluids in clean environments and with injectables, as long as the operation is performed in a Laminar Flow Cabinet. The solution has no contact with the pump during operation, therefore, there is no risk of contamination.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 324mm x 210mm x 248mm
Weight 10, 95 Kg
Volume 0.2ml to 9.999ml continuous flow or cyclic option using Start/Stop. Automatic dispensing.
Accuracy ± 10% at 0.2ml
± 5% at 0.4ml
± 2% at 1ml
± 1% above 2ml
Minimum volume dispensing 0,2ml with pedal

Repeater Pump | Peristaltic Pump | Liquid Fractionation



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