Medical and Hospital Products

Sisnacmed has been operating in the hospital segment for 30 years, offering innovative solutions and technologies, as well as medical and hospital products.
As a pioneer in bringing unit-dose packaging of medications to hospitals in Brazil, it is the exclusive representative of several international corporations, recognized for creating practical and high-quality solutions. And so, while seeking to make the work of clinics and hospitals more agile, safe, humane and efficient, SisnacMedoffers products developed to assist in the satisfaction and comfort of both patients and health care professionals.
It plans, develops and implements hospital projects, focusing on Patient Safety, reducing operational costs and streamlining processes.
We are the manufacturers and exclusive distributors of various equipment for:

  • HOSPITAL PHARMACY: unit-dose packaging machines (for tablets, ampoules, vials and kits), electronic dispensers for medications and medical supplies, hospital carts for transporting medications and medical, drug shredding machines, bedside equipment.
  • NURSING: vein locator phleboscope, drug shredding machine, patient transportation board.
  • HOSPITAL NUTRITION: thermal carts for food delivery, various equipment for structuring DNS (diet and nutrition services) flow, such as: conveyor, water bath, specific ovens for high demand, cutters, immersion blenders, computerized boiling pans and fryers, specific dishware for thermal carts, tray racks and solutions all the way from food preparation, cooking, portioning, delivery and hygiene.
  • CRITICAL CARE: Multi-parameter monitors and electrocardiographs used in emergencies, surgical centers, ICU, recovery room, emergency room, primary healthcare units and outpatient clinics, as well as defibrillators, anesthesia machines and cardiotocographs.

Ethics and transparency guide all relations with customers and partners and it is therefore possible to meet the most diverse needs with technological and practical products. We are committed to the health and well-being of professionals and patients alike and, for that reason, Sisnacmed is always looking for new ways to make health care providers more motivated and closer to the patient. This is why we want to provide quality care to patients and to enable faster recovery.

Our Mission

To contribute to the health and well-being of both healthcare providers and patients, motivating a more humane and efficient work through innovative solutions that benefit not only hospitals, patients and employees, but also the overall society.

Our Vision

To be recognized for excellence in hospital solutions.

Our Values and Beliefs

Excellence - We are continuously in search of the best way to carry out procedures with quality and agility.
Innovation - New ways to meet old needs and create new habits towards work efficiency.
Respect - Respecting the different needs of each client, adapting and personalizing each process.



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