To evolve:, this is an idea that has been comprehensively spread around the world. But what does it really mean when it comes to individuals, professionals or our daily needs?.

We are surrounded by new technologies, equipment and solutions that we often do not understand, and this is a very common scenario when it comes to health.

We are increasingly looking for treatments adapted to our reality, we want personalized, fast and quality care; but all of this requires a dynamic and recurring update from professionals, which can often impact them financially.

Many institutions have already noticed this scenario, both for employees and for professionals in training, and are beginning to act on the problem.

But how to ensure that this access to information happens in an orderly and quality fashion?

Allowing an employee not to come to work can impact the quality and speed of service, requesting the update to take place at alternative times generates contractual and management impacts and can often not ensure that knowledge is actually acquired.

Professionals in training are constantly impacted with extensive study schedules, long and exhausting hours of effort, so how could we ask them to still keep their minds open for this recurring update?

The solution is possible through partnerships, companies and associated entities, allowing professionals to obtain knowledge in an orderly, fast and quality fashion.

Actions with a determined focus, aligned with the right moment, allow the gain to be effective, as it will happen at the right time, both for the needs of companies and professionals (active or in training), who feel an effective desire to absorb the content at that moment.

Everyone wins by feeling appreciated.

A practical and successful example is the result of the partnership between Senac and Sisnacmed, which on April 15, allowed professionals of graduate courses in Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, and Oncology Hospital Pharmacy to take a guided tour and get to know the available equipment in practice.

Through the mentoring of Professor Dr. Gustavo Alves, Sisnacmed’s valuable partner, these professionals received practical guidance on the use and operation of equipment, in addition to complementary information on hospital automation and logistics chain.

These are unique opportunities offered to students so that they can learn in practice what happens in the universe of their professions, by connecting with other professionals, and being always aheadand well informed about technologies and advances.

The Sisnacmed can help your company to stay ahead of the competition with the most modern technologies.

Click here to contact our team of professionals and schedule a practical visitation to showcase cutting-edge products and techniques in hospital automation. Come talk to us!

Featured equipment:
Smart Medications Dispenser GTCabinet RFID
Electronic dispenser that performs unitary dispensing Supply Point
Portable vein locator scanner Easy Vein
Unit-dose drug packaging TotalPack AP



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